WODs for Wednesday 11/14/12


WODs for Wednesday 11/14/12

Truly non-planned but perfect timing for this WOD that has been planed for over a month just days after 4 of the Arenal coaches get certified as CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructors and are on a Burgener/Olympic Lifting high ready to unleash on our members.  Start focusing on your Oly skills by joining in on our Officially Unoffical Olympic Lifting Club.  Click here for more details to join in on the fun.

CF Class WOD: Skill: Burgener Warm-Up 5×5

Met-Con: “SQT”

Three rounds for time of: 95/65 pound Ground to overhead, 10 reps 200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

KB Class WOD: 3 Rounds: All left, then all right = 1 round 3 half TGU’s (Sit-up portion of TGU) 1 bottom to top TGU (lying down to standing) 3 front squats 3 push press 3 snatch 1 top to bottom TGU (standing to lying down)


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