WODs for Wednesday 11/2/11


WODs for Wednesday 11/2/11

Question of the day – should your legs be straight or bent for the Bear Crawl exercise? Do fish swim?  Do birds fly? Do Yogi and Smokey walk with bent hind legs? Answer – bend your knees all while maintaining your hips above your shoulders. If you do a Bear Crawl in a warm up, it might be advantageous to try to have a straighter leg in order to stretch your hamstrings.  But, in a real life situation, a bear is bending at the knee and hip on all 4 legs when they walk. Click here for a direct link to today’s GWOD then post your results under Comments or their Whiteboard. And ooooooo what a penalty for the KBellers. Check out their WOD!!!

KB Class WOD:

KB clean from the ground alternating hands 1 minute of work

1 minute rest

1 minute clean from the swing, left 1 minute clean from the swing, right

1 minute rest

dual kb clean from the swing work for 2 minutes rest in the rack if the bells touch the ground that’s 3 burpees for every time to be done during your next rest

1 minute rest

dual kb clean from the swing 1 minute of work must get 15 reps, if not then that’s 7 burpees for every rep you were shy

CF Class WOD: Max rounds in 15 minutes 50m Farmer’s walk (2xKBs) 25m Bear crawl 25m Crab walk

G-WOD: 10/15/11 For REPS

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

http://media.gymnasticswod.com/images/movie_play.png Jump Rope Double Unders

http://media.gymnasticswod.com/images/movie_play.png Every time you stop, do 20 Hollow Rocks

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