WODs for Wednesday, 11/30/16


WODs for Wednesday, 11/30/16

Strength: Deadlift Push Progression

Met-Con: EMOM for 15 minutes: each minute is :40 seconds of work followed by :20 seconds of work. Minute 1 – max reps of double unders or double under practice Minute 2 – Strict Ring Pull-Ups – scale with bar pull-ups, banded pull-ups or ring rows Minute 3 – Wall Climbs – scale with Handstand hold on wall, handstand hold on a box, overhead plate hold 45/25

Bodyweight Bootcamp: Complete two rounds for max reps of: Jumprope doubles or singles for 1:00 min. Air squats for 1:00 min. max reps Max 10 meter shuttles in 1:00 min. Ball Slams for 1:00 min. max reps Mountain Climbers for 1:00 min. max reps.  R+L = 1 Box jumps for 1:00 min. max reps.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #5

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