WODs for Wednesday 1/16/13


WODs for Wednesday 1/16/13

Rain won’t stop our CFitters from a running workout.  Well, most of them except those who were coached by Jan.  Row, row, row your boat…. 🙂

Tons of PRs today in speed and first time accomplishments.  One of our KBellers decided to hit a 2-a-day KB WOD now that we have 2 classes on Wednesdays!!  WAY TO GO!!

CF Class WOD: Met-Con:

Run 1600 meters Rest 3 minutes Run 1200 meters Rest 2 minutes Run 800 meters Rest 1 minute Run 400 meters

KB Class WOD: AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 15x KB Thrusters (35/25) 10x Pull-ups 5x Ball slams 35/25

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