WODs for Wednesday, 1/27/16


WODs for Wednesday, 1/27/16

Strength: Snatch 10 minute EMOM Snatch Grip Deadlift Hang Snatch Shrug Hang Power Snatch 2 Overhead Squats

Met-Con: “Circle Of Death, Pick It or Pass It” Deck Of Cards Diamonds:  Burpee to Plate Hearts: Plate Sit-up Clubs:  Ground to Overhead with plate Spades:  Plate Overhead Alternating Lunges Jokers:  Run 200 meters with plate Bodyweight Bootcamp: Met-con: 6 rounds Run 200m 6 Dips 50 feet Walking Lunges 6 Burpees Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #4


Met-con: 5 Rounds or 20 minute timecap: 200m run 15R/15L One arm KB Deadlift – touch bell on the outside of foot 30 Situps 30 KBswings

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