WODs for Wednesday 1/29/14


WODs for Wednesday 1/29/14

Partner Wednesday!

CF Class WOD:

With a Partner Complete as many reps as possible of

3 Rounds KB Swings 55/35 Pull-Ups Push Press 95/65 Jumping Lunges Burpees

1 Partner works at a time and does each exercise for 1 minute, after that minute the 2nd partner goes for a minute …So the 2-man team alternates completing the list…ie partner 1 does 1 min of swing, then partner 2 does 1 minute of swings, then partner 1 would does 1 minute of pull-ups…etc…(this one is brutal)

KB Class WOD:

Kettlebell: Teams of 2, For Time: Team members can split up reps however they want but must do equal amounts of work 80 Snatches 55/35 200 ft Wheelbarrow Walk 80 Partner Situp W/ Med Ball Tosses 18-20lbs 80 Overhead Walking Lunges 45/25 800 m Run

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