WODs for Wednesday 2/1/12


WODs for Wednesday 2/1/12


KB Class WOD: 16 H2H 8 1-armed Swing (R) 8 1-armed Swing (L) 16 1/2 Rotation Switch

4 sets move up in weight each set

CF Class WOD: WOD: “Elizabeth”

21-15-9 reps of: Clean 135 pounds Ring dips

From CF HQ/Brand-X – Before everyone gets their collective panties in knot, if you cannot do a proper deadlift, your Elizabeth should be hang cleans. No reason to do a ballistic deadlift if you cannot deadlift correctly. If your front squat sucks, then you should do a power clean. Again if you cannot front squat the weight you have chosen well and correctly for reps it will not get better under a ballistic load. Finally if your deadlift stinks and your front squats sucks you should do hang power cleans. Don’t be stupid. And for everyone who thinks this has to be done with cleans pulled from the ground and received in a squat I have a video of Greg A. from 2004 doing “Elizabeth” with hang power cleans. Just pick the kind of clean and note it. Don’t get all uppity because you think you are doing it “RIGHT”. “nuff said? [gallery orderby="post_date"]]]>