WODs for Wednesday 4/10/13


WODs for Wednesday 4/10/13

CF Class WOD: Skill: Dip Support

Coaching Point: Carl Paoli demonstrates the ring dip. The same “turning out” used for the bar dip adds external rotation, torque and stability to the shoulder in the ring dip. The shoulder is slightly forward, but as long as there is external rotation, the shoulder is safe and supported. However, internal rotation with the shoulder forward is “trashing the front of your shoulder” and leads to injury, Starrett says. “What we’re looking for is to use the ring dip as a better skill-transfer exercise, not just do a million ring dips,” Starrett says. Starrett wants athletes to start and finish in the externally rotated, turned-out position, but he doesn’t want them to lose positioning during the movement. “I’m always cultivating this external-rotation torque as I press,” he says.

Met-Con: Three rounds for time of: Run 800 meters Rest 2 minutes

KB Class WOD: Skill: Rope Climb

Coaching Point: Beginner Rope Climbs – bent legs
  • Lay flat on the floor with the rope hanging in line with mid torso
  • Knees bent, fleet flat on the floor
  • Reach up to grab the rope with both hands just enough to raise your shoulders slightly off the ground
  • Squeeze your hamstrings and glutes lifting your hips off the ground and your body is hovering parallel to the ground
  • Continue hand over hand pulling yourself to a stand position
  • Reverse the movement and lower yourself back down gently to the starting position – don’tdrop down
  • Initiating movement with hips
  • Arching your back
Beginner Rope Climbs – straight leg
  • Same as above but legs are straight and you are pivoting on your heels
  • Initiating movement with hips
  • Arching your back
  • Allowing your hips and knees to bend
Rope Climbs – Vertical
  • Stand with rope hanging in between your legs
  • Reach overhead and grab the rope as high as possible, with one hand above the other
  • Raise the knee of your dominant leg to hip height outside of the rope
  • Swing your dominant foot in a circle towards your midline and kick out to fully extend that leg, this should wrap the rope around your leg and ankle
  • While holding the wrapped leg up flexed only at the hip, lift the other foot off the ground and step on the rope that is over your wrapped ankle
  • If you had kept your hips away from the rope during the wrap you should feel the wrap tighten as you hang, allowing you to stand on it securely
  • As you stand up, pull the rope in towards your body from overhead to your chest
  • This is your chance to reach up as high as possible, one hand after another
  • Separate your feet and bring your legs up to your thighs, this will allow the rope to slack and slide around the wrapped leg
  • Repeat front kick and step to reset wrap, stand, and pull again (like an inch worm)
  • Letting slack develop above feet
  • Only squeezing with feet


7 rounds for time:

7 pull-ups 10 KB push press R/L 10 single arm swings R/L 25 air squats

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