WODs for Wednesday, 5/11/16


WODs for Wednesday, 5/11/16

Strength: Strength: Back Squat Choose from a “Push” Bodyweight Progression

Met-Con: 10-minute Ladder Add one rep per round: 1-2-3-… Power clean 1-2-3-… Burpee

Bodyweight Bootcamp: 4 rounds for time of: Row 250 m 10 Push-Ups 15 Box Jumps, 24/20″ Run 200 meters

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #3


Team Wednesday!

Teams of Two 15’ AMRAP *** One team-member works at a time, finishing a round. The other holds a barbell overhead (45/35#), then switch. At no time can the barbell touch the ground, wall or any type of support; 3 burpee penalty (for both team mates) per violation 3 Pull-ups 6 K2Es 12 Goblet Squats (55/35#) 18 Flutter Kicks

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