WODs for Wednesday, 5/31/17


WODs for Wednesday, 5/31/17

Strength: Front Squat 3×5   Choose from a “Push” Bodyweight Progression

Met-Con: Three sets for times: Row 300 meters 12 Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges Rest 60 seconds between rounds Rest 2-3 minutes then For max calories: 3 Minutes of Assault Bike (1st come, first serve)

Bodyweight Bootcamp: For 4 cycles: AMRAP in 3 mins of: 100 Meter Run  5 Burpee Pull Up 10 Slam Balls 20 Double Unders or 30 seconds of double under practice Rest 1 min between each cycle. For each cycle continue the AMRAP from where you left off.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #1


Skill: Turkish Get-up Sit-up

Met-Con: 5 rounds Run 200 20x KB Thrusters (35/25) Dual or 10/10 Singles 15x Ring rows

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