WODs for Wednesday 6/13/12


WODs for Wednesday 6/13/12

CrossFit Kettlebells is not just about KETTLEBELLS!!! Handstand Push Ups and Pistols were the big focus today!!  Takin’ it to the next level!!  LOVE IT!!

What do you call today’s CF WOD?  Strength?  Metcon?  There was a strict 1 minute rest between rounds of squats so a little bit of a time focus for a strength WOD.

KB Class WOD:

15 Minute AMRAP 5 HSPU 10 Pistols (5R/5L) 15 KB Swings

CF Class WOD: Resting 60 seconds between sets: Back squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Everyone needs to squat! So today you all are Big Dawgs.


G-WOD: PRACTICE for 10 minutes:

Forward Roll

Backward Roll

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