WODs for Wednesday 7/17/13


WODs for Wednesday 7/17/13

Today was a HUGE day for box jumps.  Jumping onto and over the boxes.  The KBellers hit new PRs pushing themselves to see how high they could jump onto the box.  CFitters had to jump over the box.  It was mind over matter for all of them as you can see in the pictures below there was plenty of clearance.

CF Class WOD: Skill: Muscle Upstransition focus

Met-con: 3 Rounds 500m Row 7 Deadlifts (275, 185) 14 Box Over Jumps (24,20)

KB Class WOD: Skill:

Box Jump


Teams of 2: 15 Minute AMRAP:

Team Workout:

One person runs 200 meters with med ball (20/14) while the other does American KB swings (55/35).

Alternate after one teammate completes run. Every minute on the minute, both teammates do 5 pushups. Score is total number of KB swings

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