WODs for Wednesday, 7/24/13


WODs for Wednesday, 7/24/13

KB Class  WOD:


3x max length chin up hold over the bar


400m run 25 swing w/ release 55/35 3/3 TGU 25 swing w/ release 2/2TGU 25 swing w/ release 1/1TGU 400m run

CF Class WOD:

Strength: Low Bar Back Squat 3×5 80-85% of max

Note:  the bar is moved down to sit on the rear deltoids and across the spine of the scapula. In this position, the lifter must incline his torso more forward in order to keep the bar over the mid-foot. The low bar squat maintains tension throughout the descent, creates a stretch reflex to “bounce” off the tense hamstrings, and then utilizes the hamstrings to extend the hip.

Met-con: Seven rounds for time of: 75 pound Shoulder Press, 21 reps 21 Hip extensions

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