WODs for Wednesday 7/27/11


WODs for Wednesday 7/27/11

Just when you think a benchmark WOD for the CFitters can’t get any worse, “Annie” becomes even a bigger b!t$*!! Our KBellers thought thhave done just about all the different types of squats out there with a kettlebell, NOPE!!! “Horn Squats?” asks Jordy. (See his pix below)

CF Class WOD:

“Thick Annie” For time and loads: 5 Back Squats* 50 Double Unders 50 Situps 4 Back Squats 40 Double Unders 40 Situps 3 Back Squats 30 Double Unders 30 Situps 2 Back Squats 20 Double Unders 20 Situps 1 Back Squat 10 Double Unders 10 Situps

KB Class WOD: Dual KB floor press Pull-ups Horn squat


move up in weight to finish heavy

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