WODs for Wednesday 7/6/11


WODs for Wednesday 7/6/11

Our KBeller’s arms were probably numb after a while.  Full range of motion from the floor to overhead with one arm at a time is pretty taxing after 45 total reps but in the end is one hell of a workout!!!

It’s been a while since her last visit.  March 1st to be exact.  “Nancy” came, she saw, and our CFitters conquered her!!!

CrossFit is never boring, you never hit a plateau because the workout is different everyday and it is month’s before you repeat the exact same workout.  And even then, in those months, you get stronger with more power and endurance so even when doing the same workout, you probably changed some sort of variable be it the number of rounds, weight, or overall time.  WAY TO GO!!!

CF Class WOD: “Nancy”

Five rounds for time of: 400 meter run 95/65 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

KB Class WOD: 21-15 and 9 rep rounds of: Left-arm Kettlebell snatch Right-arm Kettlebell snatch Pull-ups

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