WODs for Wednesday 8/31/11


WODs for Wednesday 8/31/11

L-Pull Ups = legs at a 90-degree angle parallel to the floor making an “L” with your body and then a dead hang pull of your body up over the bar.  Seriously challenging so we SCALE!!!  Lots of options for scaling as well as working on the skill of L-Sits in order to get the strength in your hip flexors, abdominals, and lats.

KB Class WOD:

4 Rounds:

Row 250 meters 5 Right arm KB snatch 5 Left arm KB snatch 5 Burpee pull ups

CF Class WOD:

For time: 15 Handstand push-ups 1 L Pull-up 13 Handstand push-ups 3 L Pull-ups 11 Handstand push-ups 5 L Pull-ups 9 Handstand push-ups 7 L Pull-ups 7 Handstand push-ups 9 L Pull-ups 5 Handstand push-ups 11 L Pull-ups 3 Handstand push-ups 13 L Pull-ups 1 Handstand push-up 15 L Pull-ups

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