WODs for Wednesday 8/8/12


WODs for Wednesday 8/8/12

21-15-9 rep scheme is usually a workout that is done around 10 minutes or less.  Well, at least that’s the goal for WODs such as “Fran” but throw 50 air squats in there with heavier Rx weight and you’ve got yourself a strength day/met con that will most likely take more than 10 minutes.

Our KBellers got a chance to work on their double unders as the CrossFit Kettlebell program is not just about swinging kettlebells.  Pair double unders up with knees-to-elbows and that’s a serious abdominal workout!!

KB Class WOD: 4 rounds:

12 American swings 20 Knees-to-elbows 30 double unders, or 90 singles

CF Class WOD: For time: 225/155 pound Deadlift, 21 reps 50 Squats 135/95 pound Push press, 21 reps 225/155 pound Deadlift, 15 reps 50 Squats 135/95 pound Push press, 15 reps 225/155 pound Deadlift, 9 reps 50 Squats 135/95 pound Push press, 9 reps

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