WODs for Wednesday 9/14/11


WODs for Wednesday 9/14/11

From Chris – “I lost an old friend within the last few days to cancer.  She beat it once, but it came back.  This girl just radiated happiness, and I would like to do something to remember her.  If we can do this, I would like to put it out ahead of time that I will be donating $1 to the American Cancer Society for every person that completes the WOD.”

WOD: “Katie”

SPRINT 200m (out 100, back 100)

29 reps each for CF Class, 15 reps each for KB Class (just because of the time duration of the class, not ‘cuz our KBellers can’t handle it) of:

Kettlebell Swings Ab Mat Situps Toes to bar Inverted Burpee Extensions (hip) SPRINT 200m (out 100, back 100)

From Chris – So the “Katie” Memorial WOD was a huge success.

62 of you worked your asses off in her honor, which is humbling especially since there were only 50 class slots yesterday. In addition to all that hard work, I am so grateful for the folks who wanted to do a little more to add to the donation. Thank you again to Jaron Fragner, Lisa Abrams, Susan Simpson, Misha, Sarah Ann Clark, Dawn Smyers, Francesca, Neale Glinowiecki, and Kyle Bartgis…if I missed anyone I’m so sorry…money was coming in left and right! So with my pledge to donate for every person who completed the WOD along with the bonus contributions we wound up giving $130 to the American Cancer Society! Again to all of you…thank you. Thank you to Donna Doherty Pierce and Lauren Closic Bunney for devoting the box to this for the day. Thanks to everyone for making the Arenal family the special thing that it is. The spirit of community that runs through that place is truly something to be cherished. [gallery orderby="ID"]]]>