WODs for Monday, 6/19/17


WODs for Monday, 6/19/17

Strength: Shoulder Press 3×5 Knees To Elbows or Toes To Bar

Met-Con: As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes: 200m Run 8 Handstand push ups (can scale with dumbbell shoulder presses)

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #2


Strength: Kettlebell complex: 3×5  R/L

Kettlebell Clean Kettlebell High Pull Kettlebell Snatch Kettlebell Overhead Squat

Met-con: For time Row 750 meters 21x Swing Release(55/35) 21x Wall Ball (20/14) Row 500m 15x Swing Release 15x Wall ball Row 250m 9x Swing Release 9x Wall Ball

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