WODs for Saturday 10/1/11


WODs for Saturday 10/1/11

Don’t forget that while “Michael” calls for back extensions, you are actually doing hip extensions instead.  During a metabolic conditioning workout such as this where you are pairing exercises together and going for time, it is safer to do a true hip extension where your spine stays in it’s natural curvature and you are only pivoting at your hip joint. Stabilize your spine and get your movement power from your hamstrings and glutes.

CF Class WOD: “Michael”

Three rounds for time of: Run 800 meters 50 Back Extensions 50 Sit-ups

KB Class WOD: 30 OH Swing 25 Snatch 20 Clean and Press 15 Tactical Lunges (each leg = 1/2 rep) 10 Burpee 400m run

down then back up

only do 400m once then back to burpees, for snatch and C&P- divide reps into each arm)

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