WODs for Thursday, 2/22/18


WODs for Thursday, 2/22/18

Strength: Weighted Lunges, 3 sets, 5 steps per leg. AHAP. Rest 1 minute. Choose from a “Push” Bodyweight Progression Push-Up, Dip, Handstand hold/push-up Rest 1-2 minutes

Met-Con: 3 rounds for time: People can start in different spots 12/9 calories on Assault Bike (15/12 on rower) 40 Mountain Climbers 20 Slam Ball 100 ft sled/prowler

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #4


Skill: front squat Workout 4 rounds/15 min time cap 400/200 m run 12 kbs 6 side to side jumps 3 front squats with PVC

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