WODs for Tuesday, 5/20/14


WODs for Tuesday, 5/20/14

Met-con: Partner “Diezel”

800m run (split 50/50) 40 Power Cleans 40 Box Jump Overs (20) 200m Joint BB Carry 30 Power Cleans 30 Box Jump Overs (20) 200m Joint BB Carry 20 Power Cleans 20 Box Jump Overs (20) 200m Joint BB Carry 800m run (split 50/50)

Box Jump overs are intended to clear the box but can be touch and go.  The joint carry can be shoulder to shoulder back racked, front racked, or in a single shoulder rack with one member at each side.  One bar per team.  One athlete working on cleans, jumps, and runs.  Reps are ideally split in a back and forth 1:1 scheme but up to them how divided in the end.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #5


12 AMRAP 30 jump rope 200 m run 10 sit up

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