WODs for Tuesday, 7/11/17


WODs for Tuesday, 7/11/17

Strength: 10 Minute EMOM 3 Hang Cleans

Met-Con: I-go-you-go partner WOD alternating between A and B for 3 rounds of A and B per person A) 500 m row (total/250m each) B) 6 deadlifts-6 hang power cleans-6 front squats-6 alternating front rack lunges-6 push jerks CP –  *20 minute time cap. *So athlete 1 does 250m row while athlete 2 rests. Then athlete 2 does 250m row. Then athlete 1 does barbell complex. Then athlete 2 does barbell complex. That is one full round. Repeat 3x *Choose weight you can do barbell complex unbroken or in 2 sets

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #6

KB WOD: 4 rounds for time of: 20 Double Unders 10 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – R)s, 55/35 10 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – L)s, 55/35 3 Turkish Get-up, Right Arms, 55/35 3 Turkish Get-up, Left Arms, 55/35

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